LVX Global Corporate Video

Established in 1992, LVX Global is an international firm providing engineering, strategy, commercial and risk advisory services and “Engineering as a Solution” in the disciplines of:

LVX is vendor and contractor neutral, designing and delivering turn-key, whole of life engineered solutions and providing strategy, commercial and risk services for the Commercial, Industrial and Infrastructure Property Sectors.
With offices around Australia, Europe and North America, LVX services the world’s largest clients in over 1,000 buildings and infrastructure projects each year.

Our Beliefs

We believe that everything that we do must be worthwhile.
We believe that for something to be worthwhile all stakeholders must benefit:

Our Industry
Our Planet
People we may never meet
People not yet born

We believe that when people benefit from our work, and are inspired by us, that we are succeeding.
We believe that we can never stop learning, so we never stop striving.

 We are LVX

Mission Statement

To lead innovation, policy, advocacy and change for good globally, and be an advisor of choice to the commercial, industrial and infrastructure property sectors.