Smart City Roundtable – Los Angeles

It was really great to attend the discussion on Los Angeles Smart City efforts to explore how governments, industry and communities can collaborate to expand the social and economic benefits of 21st century technology

It was great to hear about opportunities in different areas of LA such as: LAX – Smart Parking, connecting customers, LAX Line LA Metro – Piloting Micro Transit services and their unsolicited proposal process for new ideas Digital Inclusion – what Smarty City means to local communities and neighbourhoods… How do we think about people who do not have access to smart phones, broadband etc..

The attendees were extremely interesting, and we look forward the future of smart cities in LA; Dawn Comer – SDG Data & Technology Strategy Consultant, Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles and Smart Cities Focal, City of LA Information Technology Agency Justin Erbacci – Chief Innovation and Deputy Executive, Director at Los Angeles World Airports Tham Nguyen – Interim Deputy Executive Officer, Office of Extraordinary Innovation, LA Metro Chris Rico – Director of Innovation for the LA Economic Development Corporation