Smart City consultant, Corey Gray in Colombo

CEO of LVX Global, Corey Gray is in Sri Lanka until 22 February to meet the key people in state establishments and corporate firms to discuss possibilities of smart city implementations in the country.

Smart city technologies are extensively used in developed countries to offer various benefits to the public. It enhances quality of life, safety and productivity.

LVX Global headquartered in Australia has handled a substantial number of smart city projects in the United States of America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The projects include airports, museums, public parks, botanical gardens, cricket stadiums, sports complexes and high rise buildings.

Avonet Technologies from Sri Lanka has partnered with LVX to bring smart city technologies to Sri Lanka and the region. This is not only investments in technology and infrastructure. Smart city concepts and practices will bring many behavioral changes in saving time and resources as well says Sachith Fernandopulle, Chief Technology Officer of Avonet.

“As a technology company we attempt to enhance quality of life of our people with smart city technologies,: said Thilina Kumarapathirana, COO of Avonet.

Avonet Technologies has already arranged several knowledge transfer sessions for the benefit of Sri Lankan organizations and practicing professionals with Corey Gray.