Perth Public Transport

The Government of Western Australia’s Public Transport Authority, (PTA), is responsible for the operation, management, and maintenance of all urban heavy rail, bus, and ferry infrastructure in Perth, Western Australia. Committed to providing the safest, most efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective service possible for more than 140 million passengers annually, PTA has consistently pursued technical innovation to improve its assets, in particular lighting.


In an Australian first PTA engaged LVX’s Consultant Services Division to audit their general and emergency lighting assets, and provide technical recommendations with the ambitious aim of developing and delivering the safest, most sustainable and cost effective IoT/Smart City lighting & Life Safety System controls and monitoring solution in the world.


After a rigorous 18 month Due Diligence process, including successful in situ trials delivered by LVX’s Field Services Division, PTA adopted LVX’s engineered solution in early 2013. These design, maintenance and management principles have now been captured in the PTA Lighting Design & Maintenance Guideline Revision 3.00 prepared by LVX Group’s Consultant Services Division. This Guideline governs the management of over 10,000 emergency lighting points and 200,000 general lighting points within the PTA asset base, and is the overarching document that governs all future designs and assets.