Murdoch University


Murdoch University, based in Perth Western Australia, is one of Australia’s largest universities. Spread across 4 campuses - South Street, Peel, Rockingham and Fremantle - Murdoch University’s 2,000 staff deliver over 200 undergraduate and postgraduate courses to more than 22,000 students each year, in disciplines including Veterinary Science, Law, Education, Psychology and Nursing. Renowned as one of Australia’s most innovative research institutions, Murdoch University is committed to providing the safest, most efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective service possible for is 24,000 staff and students, and has consistently pursued technical innovation to improve its assets, in particular lighting and life safety.


In 2011 LVX’s Consultant Services Division was engaged to audit Murdoch’s general and emergency lighting assets, and provide technical recommendations with the ambitious aim of developing and delivering the safest, most environmentally friendly, cost effective and least invasive total lighting, controls and monitoring solution in the Australia. 8 years later, spread over 114 buildings on 4 campuses, the Murdoch University Solution is the largest networked aggregated compliance management solution ever delivered for emergency lighting in an education application.