At 6pm on Wednesday 1st May in Adelaide, Australia the Eschaton Global Art Project Kicked off in the Cellars of the Lion Hotel, in front of over 100 invited guests.

The Mazi flowed, the food was amazing, music played and the first work of this global odyssey, “Metaphysical Graffiti” was officially unveiled ahead of its journey to the Andaz Riot House “Salon” Gallery in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Renowned comedian, Jamie Hill, MCed for the evening and held everyone’s attention as he interviewed project partners, Amy Heather, Peter Hall and Corey Gray about their personal artistic journeys, the conception of the Eschaton project, and the journey ahead.

The International Event Launch is in Los Angeles on 13th June at the Andaz Hotel’s Riot House Gallery, West Hollywood. Places are still available so reach out via the “contact” page for more information.

Smart City Roundtable – Los Angeles

It was really great to attend the discussion on Los Angeles Smart City efforts to explore how governments, industry and communities can collaborate to expand the social and economic benefits of 21st century technology

It was great to hear about opportunities in different areas of LA such as: LAX – Smart Parking, connecting customers, LAX Line LA Metro – Piloting Micro Transit services and their unsolicited proposal process for new ideas Digital Inclusion – what Smarty City means to local communities and neighbourhoods… How do we think about people who do not have access to smart phones, broadband etc..

The attendees were extremely interesting, and we look forward the future of smart cities in LA; Dawn Comer – SDG Data & Technology Strategy Consultant, Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles and Smart Cities Focal, City of LA Information Technology Agency Justin Erbacci – Chief Innovation and Deputy Executive, Director at Los Angeles World Airports Tham Nguyen – Interim Deputy Executive Officer, Office of Extraordinary Innovation, LA Metro Chris Rico – Director of Innovation for the LA Economic Development Corporation

LVX Global are pleased to announce our formal engagement on the Forrestfield Airport Link project

LVX Global are pleased to announce our formal engagement on the Forrestfield Airport Link project.  Phase 1 of our engagement includes implementation of life safety systems across 8 sites, including 3 new major train stations (Forrestfield, Belmont and Airport Central).  Other locations include portals, dives and egress shafts that link to the FAL Tunnels, associated with phase 2 works.

LVX continue to work with the project stakeholders to refine products and solutions, ensuring the best and most cost effective outcomes are provided to the project.

LVX has provided compliant and certified life safety systems to the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (PTA) for all major projects since 2009.  Throughout this 10-year period, LVX has provided ongoing compliance and support to all stakeholders, ensuring the safest and most efficient environment for members of the public.

Upon completion of the FAL project, more that 8,000 systemised life safety devices will have been deployed to the PTA network by LVX.

LVX engages with ICTA in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to provide an overview on “Smart Cities”, a term still in its infancy throughout the Country

“Smart Cities start with the people, their needs and wants.  Once these fundamental elements are understood, smart technologies are built around them, with a focus on providing a better future for the community”.

The 3-hour workshop session was well received and extremely educational. With valuable inputs from all attendees, we were able to better understand significant issues that need to be addressed such as traffic congestion, pollution and water/waste management, all of which affect millions of community members daily.

Looking forward to continuing our work with ICTA and improving the quality of life in Sri Lanka.

Smart City consultant, Corey Gray in Colombo

CEO of LVX Global, Corey Gray is in Sri Lanka until 22 February to meet the key people in state establishments and corporate firms to discuss possibilities of smart city implementations in the country.

Smart city technologies are extensively used in developed countries to offer various benefits to the public. It enhances quality of life, safety and productivity.

LVX Global headquartered in Australia has handled a substantial number of smart city projects in the United States of America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The projects include airports, museums, public parks, botanical gardens, cricket stadiums, sports complexes and high rise buildings.

Avonet Technologies from Sri Lanka has partnered with LVX to bring smart city technologies to Sri Lanka and the region. This is not only investments in technology and infrastructure. Smart city concepts and practices will bring many behavioral changes in saving time and resources as well says Sachith Fernandopulle, Chief Technology Officer of Avonet.

“As a technology company we attempt to enhance quality of life of our people with smart city technologies,: said Thilina Kumarapathirana, COO of Avonet.

Avonet Technologies has already arranged several knowledge transfer sessions for the benefit of Sri Lankan organizations and practicing professionals with Corey Gray.

LVX to Transform Carrick Hill Estate Arts & Culture Precinct

LVX is excited and proud to announce our collaboration with Carrick Hill Estate, one of Australia’s premier heritage arts & culture precincts. Set amongst expansive grounds and magnificent gardens, heritage listed Carrick Hill Mansion houses one of Australia’s most significant privately assembled collections.

LVX will coordinate the design, documentation, procurement, installation and maintenance of:

  • A new low energy, low maintenance, long life state of the art gallery and general lighting system throughout the mansion
  • Heritage façade, landscape, placemaking, nightscape and functional/compliance lighting throughout the grounds
  • Smart City technology upgrades to the grounds to activate and engage with visitors as well as provide energy, water, waste and significant cost savings as well as beautification
  • World leading fire & life safety technology throughout the mansion to protect staff, visitors and invaluable antiques and works of art

The Carrick Hill Estate Project is core to LVX’s capabilities and experience, but also to our values and passion. This project will provide significant benefits to over 65,000 annual visitors to Carrick Hill as well as awareness and opportunity for many more, as well as significant environmental and commercial benefits that can further activate the precinct.

At its completion Carrick Hill Estate will be one of the world’s most beautiful, safe, immersive and advanced Arts & Culture Smart Precincts.

Stage 1, the installation of landscape lighting to the near proximity of the mansion, as well as façade lighting, will be completed in time for its official opening on 7th December 2018.

LVX engaged as specialist Illumination Engineers to Design Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Lighting and Smart Lighting System for Petrie Mill Smart Precinct

LVX’s expertise in specialist illumination engineering and Smart City design services for Infrastructure have again been recognised by our appointment to design and deliver the infrastructure Lighting and Smart City Lighting Solution for Moreton Bay Regional Council’s ambitious Petrie Mill Smart Precinct Project. With a scope including AS/NZS1158 & AS4282 compliance, technical, commercial and risk due diligence and scope covering compliance and aesthetic applications, the lighting solution for the Petrie Mill Project will also provide the basis for expansion over time to monitor and control all of Moreton Bay’s additional 50,000 lighting assets.

LVX appointed to Design City of Sydney’s Smart Lighting System

In a further tick to LVX’s credentials in the Smart City Infrastructure space LVX has today been appointed to design and deliver the Smart City Lighting Solution for City of Sydney’s Light Rail Project. With a scope including technical, commercial and risk due diligence and scope covering compliance and decorative functionalities interwoven with many other potential Smart City functionalities, the lighting solution for the Light Rail Project will also provide the basis for expansion over time to monitor and control all of Sydney’s other lighting assets.

Mooloolaba Foreshore Revitalisation Project approved to proceed to IFT Design phase

LVX is pleased to have had its engagement as the lighting, electrical and Smart City designers’ to Sunshine Coast Council’s Mooloolaba Foreshore Revitalisation project extended to the completion of IFT and IFC Design phases. In partnership with AECOM LVX’s specialist services in compliance, creative lighting design, environmental design and Smart City/ICT infrastructure and solutions will provide a world leading transformation to one of the world’s most important beaches and environmental heritage sites, and Australia’s second most densely patronised beachfront after Bondi.