LVX Community Bequest to Carrick Hill Estate Arts & Culture Precinct

LVX Community is excited and proud to announce a significant bequest to Carrick Hill Estate, one of Australia’s premier arts & culture precincts.

This perpetual bequest will allow for the design, documentation, procurement, installation and maintenance of:

A new low energy, low maintenance, long life state of the art gallery and general lighting system throughout the mansion
Heritage façade, landscape, placemaking, nightscape and functional/compliance lighting throughout the grounds
Smart City technology upgrades to the grounds to activate and engage with visitors as well as provide energy, water, waste and significant cost savings as well as beautification
World leading fire & life safety technology throughout the mansion to protect staff, visitors and invaluable antiques and works of art

The Carrick Hill Estate Project is core to LVX’s capabilities and experience, but also to our values and passion. This project will provide significant benefits to over 65,000 annual visitors to Carrick Hill as well as awareness and opportunity for many more, as well as significant environmental and commercial benefits that can further activate the precinct.

At its completion Carrick Hill Estate will be one of the world’s most beautiful, safe, immersive and advanced Arts & Culture Smart Precincts.


This year LVX Community’s Annual Charity Dinner was held at Lenzerheide Restaurant, in Adelaide South Australia and once again brought together art, nearly 200 incredible people including Guest of honour, Australian Art Legend, Tom Gleghorn OAM & Jamie Sach, Penfolds’ Global Brand Ambassador, wonderful food, amazing wine and extraordinary music from Amicus Strings, al for some wonderful causes [make the below link to the charity page]:

  • Cure4CF
  • Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation
  • Carrick Hill Estate
  • Sturt Football Club

Excitingly, This year was also the launch of our new LVX Global brand in a venue not only in our home town, but also especially fitted out by our LVX Engineered Solutions Retail/Hospitality Program.

LVX Community Apokalypsis Event Video

If you want to be a part of our LVX Community please reach out to us!